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Singer and Entertainer, "Best Male Vocalist" at the prestigious Na Hoku Hanohano Awards (Hawaiian Grammies,) Uluwehi has charmed audiences from Carnegie Hall to Japan with his warmth and genuine aloha spirit. His voice has been compared to an angel's; his musical arrangements are lush and harmonious; his award-winning hula dancers display the grace and beauty of Uluwehi's unique, original stylings.

This popular recording artist is available for your corporate or private event as a solo artist, in duo, as a trio, quartet or more, with additional back up singers and hula dancers- or for an elegant touch, add the class of a chamber ensemble- the ultimate accompaniment! Ask us about our popular Hawaiian Cultural Hula Tours, hosted by Kaulupono Productions and Open Eye Tours.

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Uluwehi Guerrero Kaulupono Productions
PO Box 2149 Wailuku, HI 96793

Mahalo nui loa - thank you very much for your interest, enthusiasm, love and support! 



Guest Comments
(From August 10, 2002 "Songs From a Joyful Heart" Show on Maui)


Dear Ulu -- I want to thank you for a truly memorable evening (I still high from it). It was a celebration of aloha, a feast of song, hula, and an incredible outpouring from a joyful heart. I cannot pick favorites of the evening because the many elements worked so beautifully together. You flowed from the deep and profound (Colors of the Wind) to the funny (cellophane skirt number with that little keiki between you and Alaka`i wondering why you weren't doing the dance right -- and she was doing it perfectly).

In everything, I was touched by your generous heart and the way you honor those who have influenced you. BUT, if I can name two numbers that put me way over the top, it would have to be Nani Kamakura and the Ka`u song. I know that a lot of Hawaiian entertainers go to Japan without opening their hearts to the Japanese people. Nani Kamakura expresses the way you have allowed your host culture to share its beauty -- I recognized that quality the first time I heard the song. But Sat. night, you described not only the beauty of sakura but also the delight that Japanese people take in it: their love of it was just as beautiful in your eyes.

Oh my, the staging for the song -- Lynn Araki's dance was such a treat, with the hula dancers creating a bridge between the cultures and paying the tribute you have inspired. The "cherry blossoms" were fantastic -- you make great snow bags (what else can you do?!) Your tribute to your own Kumu Pekelo touched me deeply. The stage filled with hula dancers created a visual expression of how brightly the torch he lit burns within you. When he danced the ha`ina with them, it felt like he was honoring you and that the circle of aloha was complete. Well, I gotta go out and malama the land at Ulu Loa, but my heart is joyful recalling Sat. evening -- thank you for its many gifts.

Aloha, Laurie Rohrer, Ululoa Productions

What a great show. Everything was wonderful, but most especially Uluwehi's remarkable heart. Congratulations on a very Maui evening.

Mahalo nui loa Love and aloha, Paul Janes-Brown

The concert was excellent and was packed with standing room only. There have been very few Hawaiian concerts that have impressed me, but this one did. No question that he had at least 60+ performers that were backed by their family and friends. Too bad we did not have more tickets for some of the other A&B managers. They truly missed out. I am glad that Christy and I were able to go. Christy also thought that it was fantastic. Put my name down for future possibilities.

Buzz Fernandez, Matson Navigation

Loved the concert as did the friend that went with me. Ulu does have a talent for making the audience feel like 'ohana! looked for you after to present a lei but did not see the two of you. My friend needed to get going so we headed home.

Janet Cooper

Thank you for the wonderful concert last night at the Maui Arts & Cultural Center. It was all so beautiful; the dancers, musicians, and the staging. Very well done! We attended your first solo concert last year; we did not see how you could begin to match that experience, but you have. Both concerts were special in their own way. I especially like the quick little stories you tell about some of the songs you have written and are about to sing. I think of those stories as I listen to your songs on the CDs.
Thank you again.
Cynthia and Larry

Dear Ulu and Pono,
Mahalo nui loa for the most wonderful evening....everything was beautiful
from the staging to the dancers and of course, your music. The audience was
with you throughout the performance and we heard so many positive comments
from those around us. Your hard work certainly paid off and now it's time
for some rest!
Malama pono and our love to you both....we'll talk soon, hopefully.

Mary Kay

Aloha mai e Pono and Ulu
I wanted to express my sincere mahalo to you and Ulu for your kindness
and hospitality while we were on Maui. The concert was just magnificent
and surely touched the heart. As I work on saving our major cultural sites on our lands and educating the community on resource management it is your inspiration that makes me feel that what I am doing is pono. To hear that you have an Aha is great news as we are creating one on the the Island with our kupuna. I love what Ulu said at the concert...say I love you to your ohana and friends. To take care of our land and ocean, so dear to my heart. Perpetuating our Hawaiian heritage for our children is so important to us...we don't want to dilute our culture or
our history. Our time spent on Maui and with you was very enjoyable, pleasurable and will be part of our memories forever. I bless Ke Akua for bringing both of you into our lives...and will always cherish our friendship and love.

'O wau no me ke aloha kau palena ole a me ka ha'aha'a Hanohano

Aloha Pono!
Wow! Saturday's show rocked!!!! I thought how could Ulu possibly top last year's concert, but this year was just as magical! Everyone's hard work really showed! It was nice to see you on stage and performing...you go, Pono!
Cannot wait until next year! Hana Hou!!!!!

Much love, Cathy ;-)

Dear Ulu,
Your concert is STILL moving me! Thank you so much for opening your heart to so many and spreading your aloha so selflessly. "Inspiring" pales in describing the evening. It was a blessing to be a part of it. Your last song made me cry like a baby and gave me the hope that all of us need right now. God IS watching over all of us and no matter what the news brings us, it is a beautiful world and as long as there are people like you in it, there will always be hope. The Japanese dance was beautiful and I loved the combination of cultures. Thanks for that bridge. I could go on but I just wanted to say I loved it and I am proud of you and inspired by your work. My love to you and Pono. Congratulations on another great concert.

Love, Kaholo Bernadette Wilkins

Dear Pono and Ulu,
Mahalo for sharing those beautiful songs.
All so true, everyone was moved. Our heart strings were pulled together with love as we shared the evening together. The closing number gave our 'ohana the feeling that all is and would be well.

Blessings of Aloha to You Two,
Mayla Makana


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